Yap is the best new chatroom

I’m an inveterate chatter. I miss the days of AIM and Gchat; I regularly reread n+1’s fantastic essay on the history and rise of chatting. So when I saw Yap — a new chat application built by Postlight, a digital product studio — I was immediately curious. When I booted it up, I immediately got hooked.

Yap is pretty simple. It’s a six-person chat room (“Because seven is annoying,” says the official blog), where every message you post erases the one you posted before it; you can only say one thing at a time. There’s a place where the room’s owner can drop in a link to discuss as a topic (like, say, a Twitch stream). If you decide to make your Yap room public by sharing the link somewhere, other people can watch what you’re saying in real…

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