Watch these sperm wriggle up a model reproductive tract

Only the few fiercest sperm manage to swim up the model reproductive tract.

When it comes to sperm, only the fiercest swimmers can wriggle past the bottlenecks of the female reproductive tract, new research shows. The study could help one day improve tests for male fertility. But, in the meantime, it brings us delightful footage of sperm desperately, fruitlessly swimming into a fake fallopian tube. Sorry, little guys.

With a single ejaculate, 100 million sperm can swim up the female reproductive tract — and the theory goes that only solid swimmers can make it to the finish line: the egg. But for years, laboratory sperm have only had to endure simple obstacle courses. That isn’t actually a great analog for the twists and turns of the female reproductive tract. There are bottlenecks, for example, that change how…

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