Watch Motorola’s ‘real’ flip test for the new Razr foldable

Photo by Vjeran Pavic / The Verge

We’re still not sure when you’ll actually be able to buy Motorola’s re-imagined flip phone in stores, but we do have a brand-new video of the folding screen Motorola Razr for you to watch — because Motorola was apparently so unhappy with CNET’s original fold test, it decided to share a video it’s calling “The real razr flip test.”

The first thing you’ll probably notice is how slowly and surely Motorola’s robot flips that screen open and closed — you’ll only see them fold six times in this video. More importantly, Motorola’s bot doesn’t put any pressure on the hinge itself. It’s a gentle, bar-shaped hand nudging the screen open, and a second hand flipping it closed.

The reason that’s important is…

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