Watch internet-from-space provider OneWeb launch its biggest batch of satellites yet

The OneWeb satellites on the dispenser that will deploy them into orbit. | Image: OneWeb

This afternoon, a rocket will send another batch of satellites into orbit above Earth in the ongoing journey to provide internet coverage from space — but these satellites aren’t part of SpaceX’s well-known Starlink project. Instead, they belong to OneWeb, which also has big dreams of bringing the world’s population online by beaming internet from the sky.

Today’s launch will be the second one for the London-based company, which launched its first six satellites nearly a year go out of South America. This time, OneWeb is going bigger, launching 34 satellites on top of a Soyuz rocket from Kazakhstan. It’s the first of 10 launches the company has planned this year, with each mission lofting between 30 to 36 satellites per flight.

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