Vue finally ships its Kickstarter smart glasses and debuts the new $179 Vue Lite

In October 2016, a startup named Vue promised Kickstarter backers a pair of prescription eyeglasses that could double as wireless earbuds, a fitness tracker, and a smartwatch all at once, plus bone conduction speakers so nobody can eavesdrop on your music and calls. Two years and $3 million later, the company hadn’t shipped a single pair.

But fast-forward another two years, and Vue is now ready to sell you on the idea again. The new $179-and-up Vue Lite glasses ditch some of the fancier features to focus on Bluetooth audio, with standard speakers instead of bone conduction, a microphone for calls and your phone’s voice assistant, touch controls, and an estimated 3.5 hours of music playback on a charge.

Image: Vue

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