Visible Plus is one of the best cheap cell phone plans – and it just got even better

Visible Wireless Plus plan was already one of the best cheap cell phone plans money could buy, but it’s even better value now thanks to a host of excellent new features.

The Visible Plus plan still costs $45/mo, but it now includes more generous mobile hotspot speeds, a free additional line for a smartwatch, and one free global pass per month. All the main selling points from before are still here, too – namely, the 50GB of premium data allowance on parent company Verizon’s 5G Ultraband network.

Combined, you’re getting post-paid perks for a prepaid price with the Visible Plus plan right now. Even though it’s not the cheapest unlimited data plan on the market right now, it’s certainly one of the most feature-laden for the price and a good choice for a heavy user who wants to save a bit of cash. By comparison, the Verizon Welcome Unlimited plan offers similar perks right now but clocks in at a hefty $65 per month for a single line – and you’ll also need to sign up for a contract, unlike at Visible.

Visible Plus new features

Visible Plus plan: $45/mo at Visible Wireless
The premium tier plan at Visible Wireless keeps getting better and better. Not only do you get a whopping 50GB of prioritized data on the super-speedy Verizon Ultraband 5G network, but you now also get 10Mbps mobile hotspot speeds, a free line for a smartwatch, and one complimentary global day pass. Combined, all these features add up to one of the best-priced unlimited data plans on the market right now.View Deal

How does Visible shape up against the competition?

Pretty well right now – mostly because the Visible offers two very strong unlimited data plans for an excellent price. For example, if the Visible Plus plan is out of your price range, you can go for the standard Visible plan at $25 per month. The standard plan still includes completely unlimited data and free mobile hot-spotting, although you’ll get slower speeds in general.

There are other options right now, however. Mint Mobile is currently one of the most popular prepaid plans on the market and features a great unlimited data plan on the wider T-Mobile network for $30 per month. You have to pay for a whole year of service upfront to get the cheapest rates at Mint, but it’s a fantastic choice if you get the best local coverage at T-Mobile (Visible uses the Verizon network). 

Another good option you could consider is US Mobile. This carrier has recently launched three tiers of unlimited prepaid plans, the cheapest of which starts at an almost unbelievable $15/mo. The cheap ‘Unlimited Flex’ plan is extremely stripped-down for features, but the ‘Unlimited Premium’ plan, which is $37.50/mo, is roughly equivalent to the Visible Plus plan. You do, however, need to pay for a full year of service upfront to get the lowest price – much like at Mint Mobile.