Two commercial satellites just docked in space for the first time

Black and white photo of a satellite above Earth.

Intelsat 901 as seen from the MEV-1 just before docking. Earth is visible in the lower right of the picture. | Image: Northrop Grumman

Two commercial satellites have docked in orbit as part of a pioneering satellite-servicing mission. If the rest of the mission is successful, it should give an ailing communications satellite a new lease on life, and it could kickstart an industry that keeps space junk from clogging the skies.

“This is the first time in history, a docking has ever been performed with a satellite that was not pre-designed with docking in mind,” said Joe Anderson, a vice president at Space Logistics, in a press conference. Space Logistics is the Northrop Grumman subsidiary that oversaw the mission. “This is the first time two commercial satellites have ever docked.”

On February 25th, Northrop Grumman’s Mission Extension Vehicle (MEV-1) docked with a…

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