Trying to buy the new Motorola Razr on its ‘release date’ was a frustrating failure

Photo by Vjeran Pavic / The Verge

Yesterday was the official release date for the Motorola Razr on Verizon Wireless. Or was it? By the end of an entire day spent searching for this nostalgia-inducing phone, I was feeling pretty duped.

The Razr is arriving not long after Samsung’s Galaxy Fold fiasco, so there are naturally going to be questions about how it’ll hold up over time. The Verge decided to try to buy one, and I traversed much of Manhattan and hit over a dozen Verizon stores on Thursday in hopes of finding a store that had even a single $1,500 Razr unit for sale. My search proved fruitless. Launch day units did exist, but they were incredibly difficult — impossible, almost — to come by.

Eli Blumenthal, a reporter at CNET, managed to track down the Razr at a…

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