Tokens Will Be Launched into Orbit: Platform with Space Potential Announced TGE

Tokens Will Be Launched into Orbit: Platform with Space Potential Announced TGE

The GAGARIN ecosystem is releasing its $GGR token on January 31. True to its ambitious name, this project skyrocketed in the second half of 2022, making the TGE native token an anticipated event for a large community. The release of the $GGR will take place in BNB and TON networks, and at the same time a staking program of up to 40% will be launched. Here’s why you shouldn’t miss this event.

GAGARIN is a web3 ecosystem with a team of experts that provides projects with a full range of services and opportunities for a successful launch and investors with various earning options.

GAGARIN platform was launched in February 2022. Thanks to the support of more than 90 partners and a competent development strategy, it has achieved success in the market in less than six months.

  •  More than 560 projects applied for the IDO on GAGARIN.
  • Total fundraising for the projects exceeded $1 mln.
  • More than 80,000 people have joined the community.
  • Recipients of grants: OKXc, CSC, Bitgert, PolygonDAO.
  • TOP-10 from Cryptorank, CryptoGraph Ratings.

The platform has an Advanced Protection System, owing to which investor funds are 100% protected during the entire vesting period. Thanks to this, despite the sharp decline in investor activity in the global market in the second half of 2022, the platform has raised more than $1 million for the development of startups.

Currently, GAGARIN has launched an incubation center capable of catering to all needs of projects at launch: from audits and development of smart contracts to the marketing strategy and promotion with influencers. Startups will also get a ready-to-use tool to raise investments via their website directly. 

GAGARIN is integrated with the most popular networks (BNB chain, CSS, OKC, Polygon, Bitgert, AVAX, Ethereum, and TON). Ahead of the listing, the platform also got the opportunity to launch projects created on the promising blockchain TON.

Significance of $GGR

The versatility and multifunctionality of the GAGARIN ecosystem generate high interest in its native token. It provides users with access to the features of the platform and additional income opportunities:

  • obtaining a Tier by an investor for guaranteed participation in IDOs,
  • staking tokens with yields of up to 40%,
  • the right to participate in the DAO governance of the platform,
  • the token will be used in the mechanics of listing projects on launchpads, which will increase its utility. 

Well, among other things, GGR is a great opportunity to invest in GAGARIN.

As for token issuance volumes, GAGARIN does not bet on quantitative sales figures, so the $GGR limit for the private round has been reduced and the public one excluded altogether. Combined with other implemented measures, this minimizes the pressure on the token price when it enters the market.

For the GAGARIN team, users interested in the development of the ecosystem and the opportunities it offers to startups and investors must become $GGR holders in the first place.

Listing plan:

31.01.2023 – listing on PancakeSwap and, decentralized exchange

01.02.2023 – launching staking programs with up to 40% yield

Follow the announcements of listings and program launches. You can do it in the GAGARIN channels