The Wyze Band is part fitness tracker, part Alexa smart home controller

Image: Wyze

Wyze, best known for its inexpensive cameras and smart home gadgets (and an unfortunate server breach last year), is planning several new products for 2020, including the Wyze Band. Part fitness tracker, part smart home controller, the Wyze Band will have built-in Alexa capabilities, according to a blog post from the company. Dave Zatz gave some deeper insights on ZatzNotFunny with details gleaned from a Federal Communications Commission filing and a publicly available beta app (via Engadget).

The band has features that are now expected from a basic fitness tracker, according to Zatz: it offers a jogging app, alarms, weather, step counter, sleep tracker, and heart rate sensor. Alexa can be triggered by a long press on the touchscreen…

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