The Super Bowl’s best and wackiest AI commercials

A still image from BodyArmor's 2024

Enlarge / A still image from BodyArmor’s 2024 “Field of Fake” Super Bowl commercial. (credit: BodyArmor)

Heavily hyped tech products have a history of appearing in Super Bowl commercials during football’s biggest game—including the Apple Macintosh in 1984, dot-com companies in 2000, and cryptocurrency firms in 2022. In 2024, the hot tech in town is artificial intelligence, and several companies showed AI-related ads at Super Bowl LVIII. Here’s a rundown of notable appearances that range from serious to wacky.

Microsoft Copilot

Microsoft Game Day Commercial | Copilot: Your everyday AI companion.

It’s been a year since Microsoft launched the AI assistant Microsoft Copilot (as “Bing Chat“), and Microsoft is leaning heavily into its AI-assistant technology, which is powered by large language models from OpenAI. In Copilot’s first-ever Super Bowl commercial, we see scenes of various people with defiant text overlaid on the screen: “They say I will never open my own business or get my degree. They say I will never make my movie or build something. They say I’m too old to learn something new. Too young to change the world. But I say watch me.”

Then the commercial shows Copilot creating solutions to some of these problems, with prompts like, “Generate storyboard images for the dragon scene in my script,” “Write code for my 3d open world game,” “Quiz me in organic chemistry,” and “Design a sign for my classic truck repair garage Mike’s.”

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