The smart toothbrush is an idea that refuses to die

Image: Oral-B

CES means there’s no shortage of “smart” connected gadgets, and toothbrushes are no exception. Oral-B and Colgate are launching new smart toothbrushes this year: the Oral-B iO and the Colgate Plaqless Pro Toothbrush.

Oral-B has released several smart toothbrushes before, like the $220 Oral-B Genius X, which used sensor data and an “AI algorithm” to give suggestions on where to focus on brushing. The Oral-B iO also claims it has artificial intelligence and algorithms to “facilitate achieving perfect brushing results in all 16 zones for superior oral health,” which is just marketing nonsense using AI as a buzzword. This time, the iO has added a new “magnetic drive,” which is responsible for the microvibrations of the bristles. The iO has…

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