The Myst TV series is dead; long live the Myst TV series

Myst blew my mind over and over again, even before I popped it into the drive. In 1994, it was one of the first CD-ROMs that my family purchased, and I couldn’t believe how technology had managed to capture a damn rainbow, stick it into a plastic wafer, and store a then-photorealistic virtual world inside.

That’s why my nostalgia flared up in 2014 when I heard Myst would be getting its own TV series from Legendary. It’s also why it’s flaring up again today: Village Roadshow Entertainment, the co-producer and financier of a lot of movies you’ve probably heard of, has purchased the rights to create a Myst TV series and / or films.

But if Village Roadshow has the rights, does that mean Legendary doesn’t? And that it’s probably starting…

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