Sui and Revolut Join Forces to Rev Blockchain Education and Adoption

Sui and Revolut Join Forces to Rev Blockchain Education and Adoption

The groundbreaking partnership between Sui, the Layer 1 blockchain with industry-leading performance and limitless scalability, and Revolut, a top global fintech company with over 40 million users globally, has been proudly revealed. Through this strategic cooperation, Sui will have additional opportunities to expand, especially in Europe, and Revolut’s large user base will become more aware of and receptive to blockchain technology.

Revolut’s Learn program will be a great resource for Sui in spreading awareness of its fast-growing ecosystem and underlying technology to a largely untapped global population of prospective cryptocurrency users. Revolut’s customers will have the chance to learn more about blockchain technology through interesting instructional content that is incorporated within the software.

“This landmark partnership with Revolut represents a significant milestone in the mission to bring Sui’s innovative Web3 technologies to bear solving real world challenges for new audiences,” said Greg Siourounis, Managing Director of the Sui Foundation. “By joining forces with Revolut, we have a chance to introduce millions of users to Sui, the fastest growing ecosystem in crypto, and one which is providing the technological underpinnings that will enable businesses to build working solutions and empowering individuals to access those products and services seamlessly.”

It is anticipated that incorporating Sui’s educational materials into Revolut’s Learn program will draw in a fresh group of users keen to investigate the potential of blockchain technology and become part of the expanding Sui community. The goal of the Sui community is to maintain its rapid growth trajectory, which has seen its Total Value Locked (TVL) surpass $500M and put it in the upper echelons of DeFi ecosystems. This project closely aligns with their goal.

“Our collaboration with Sui underscores Revolut’s commitment to providing our users with access to the latest advancements in financial technology,” said Kotryna Baldovskaja, Crypto Global Business Development Manager at Revolut. “By integrating Sui’s educational content into our Learn program, we aim to equip our users with knowledge about one of the most impressive technological breakthroughs we’ve seen in crypto and the countless opportunities that lie within the Sui ecosystem.”