Spider-Man on PS4 remixes comic book lore for a fresh superhero story

Marvel’s Spider-Man is out today on the PlayStation 4, and in addition to the high-flying, web-slinging action, developer Insomniac Games is putting some big emphasis on the story. The game offers a slightly new spin on the classic hero, one that takes a lot of established comic lore and mixes it up in fresh and interesting ways.

Warning: mild spoilers below for Spider-Man for the PS4

Much like the most recent Spider-Man films, the PS4 game makes the smart move to skip over Peter’s origin story entirely. It’s a safe bet that if you’re picking up a Spider-Man game in 2018, you probably already know the basics: Uncle Ben, radioactive spider, “With great power comes great responsibility,” etc. The game doesn’t just excel by breaking out of…

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