Samsung finally launches its very first 1TB microSD card — but it hasn’t gone on sale yet, so make sure you don’t buy fake Evo Plus cards

Samsung says it has started mass production on its EVO Plus  UHS-1, the company’s first 1TB microSD card. It’s based on the latest V-NAND technology, and the South Korean tech giant says the card will meet the memory requirements of tomorrow’s mobile computing and on-device AI applications.

The 1TB microSD card is a significant addition to Samsung’s next-generation microSD card line-up. It’s built with eight layers of Samsung’s 8th generation 1TB V-NAND, offering a high-capacity package that was previously only possible in SSDs.

As you would expect, the new 1TB microSD card has also been rigorously tested to ensure reliable usage even in challenging environments. It features water protection, extreme temperature resistance, a drop-proof design, wear-out protection, and X-ray and magnetic protection.

(Don’t) buy it now!

In addition to the 1TB microSD card, Samsung also announced it has begun sampling its 256GB SD Express microSD card. This card offers a sequential read speed of up to 800MB/s, more than four times faster than the current interface.

“With our new microSD cards, Samsung has provided effective solutions to address the growing demands of mobile computing and on-device AI,” said Hangu Sohn, Vice President of the Memory Brand Product Biz Team at Samsung Electronics. “Despite their tiny size, these memory cards deliver powerful SSD-like performance and capacity to help users get more out of demanding modern and future applications.” 

The 256GB SD Express microSD card is set to be available for purchase later this year, while the 1TB UHS-1 microSD card is expected to launch within the third quarter of this year.

For buyers not prepared to wait, the good news is the 1TB microSD card has already appeared on eBay. The bad news is these listings are likely to be fake, so proceed with care (or not at all).

eBay listing

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