Samsonite’s Konnect-i is the most affordable backpack with Google’s Jacquard tech

Samsonite Konnect-i

This is the standard-sized version of the bag that costs $229.99

Samsonite has debuted two new Konnect-i backpacks, one standard-sized for $230 and one slim-sized option for $200, each equipped with Google’s Jacquard technology that can make fabric respond to your touch.

The technology is employed in the same way as in the $880 Yves Saint Laurent Cit-E backpack: a fabric module on the left shoulder strap (made easy to find by parallel lines of raised paint) is sensitive to your touch, allowing you to assign actions to gestures. They’re both available through Samsonite’s web shop.

Once you charge up the Jacquard module with the included micro USB cable, you slide it into place over the pins on the shoulder strap. It vibrates the bag when it’s correctly installed and is restrained with some fabric to…

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