RFID sensor is powered by dirty diapers

Don’t let this happen to your baby. | Image: MIT News

Researches at MIT have developed a tiny RFID sensor that can detect diaper moisture, signal a nearby receiver, and send caregivers an alert, reports MIT News. They say that the sensor can be manufactured for less than 2 cents, making it suitable for disposable diapers without adding bulk.

The newly developed RFID tag can be embedded in the hydrogel typically found in disposable diapers. When wet, the hydrogel expands and becomes conductive enough to trigger the tag to send a signal to an RFID reader within a radius of one meter — all without batteries. A reader connected to a home’s Wi-Fi network could be placed next to a crib to send alerts to a parent’s phone. Alternatively, a small portable reader on a keychain could also alert…

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