Razer’s Ripsaw HD capture card tries to challenge Elgato for entry-level game streaming

Razer is taking another shot at the streamer market with its updated Ripsaw HD capture card, which looks to challenge Elgato’s own entry-level HD60 S with a lower price and 4K video passthrough.

Like the original Ripsaw, Razer’s goal with the Ripsaw HD is to make setting up a stream as simple as possible for streamers. To that end, basically everything is still built right into the Ripsaw HD, including a microphone and headphone jack for audio mixing.

Setup is equally simple: just plug in your console or gaming PC on one end of the HDMI input, a monitor for playing the game to the HDMI output, and your streaming PC through a USB-C port for passing along data to send to your viewers. (The Ripsaw HD…

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