Raised by Wolves is every kind of sci-fi movie in one big dreary show

Image: HBO

Raised by Wolves takes place in a distant future where the earth has been consumed by a war between atheists and believers. It’s a premise so insufferable you can almost feel it walking to your bookshelf to judge your taste. Thankfully, that’s kind of besides the point — at least for a while. The dazzling new sci-fi series is, at first, mostly about being raised by a robot mom who may or may not secretly want to kill you. And yet, it still manages to not be terribly exciting to watch.

HBO Max’s latest show is pulling out all the stops. A lavish, expensive-looking series with the first two episodes directed by none other than Ridley Scott, Raised by Wolves is hard to ignore. It’s the sort of big, sweeping show that’s meant to fill the…

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