Privacy Conservation

How do we preserve our privacy in this world wide web world we live in today?

It’s not easy. It’s actually never been easy, even though people are acting like it’s something we’ve recently been robbed of.

Consider anything you type that’s heading over any kind of network no longer just between you and the person you are intending to see it.

Anything you send via text, email, IM, post, tweet, etc. is not yours and yours alone, nor is it the private to just the person you’re sending it to.

The best way to keep your message “secret” and away from prying eyes is to do something old fashioned, talk to them in person!

It’s hard to remember a time when we used to do that on a regular basis. It wasn’t that long ago. It has to be utilized again to preserve our privacy once again.

Here’s a random thought…the next time you really need to tell someone something important, but private – send it via a letter, through the mail.

Who knows, maybe this is what’s needed to actually save the USPS.

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