PlayStation Pulse Explore stock tracker – inventory readily available

As of January 2024, PlayStation Pulse Explore earbuds stock has now leveled out and it’s become easy to pick up the new earbuds on both sides of the Atlantic.

The attraction of changing your PlayStation 5 audio and getting it from some top gaming earbuds as opposed to a larger PS5 headset is something many folks are clearly interested in, and the relatively low (but recovering) state of PlayStation Pulse Explore stock represents that. As a result, we’re in a similar position to the PlayStation Portal, continually checking and trying retailers to see if stock has dropped online or at a physical store.

We think that the Pulse Explore earbuds with their planar magnetic drivers and AI-enhanced noise rejection have the makings of a fine audio acquisition for PS5 fans. Also, those looking for PlayStation Portal restocks or folks who have secured one of the new handhelds will be particularly interested – the Portal and Explore buds do seem to be a great match. Especially since the most recent PS5 update which allows for EQ manipulation and a sidetone feature to be used with the buds (and other headsets) too.

Anyway, let’s get to it, below, we’ve covered all the go-to retailers that are worth checking for stock, and we’ll be updating this page regularly.

Where to buy PlayStation Pulse Explore – US

Amazon – $199.99
Finally, Pulse Explore earbud stock has returned to Amazon to make things easier! We don’t know how long it will last, of course, but here’s hoping the retailer joins Best Buy in having regular stock henceforth.View Deal

Best Buy – $199.99
At time of writing the earbuds are in stock at Best Buy! Act quick to secure your set!View Deal

Target – $199.99
At time of writing, Target has stock available once again. With local stores offering stock or pickup places, this is a great option to have.View Deal

GameStop – $199.99
Stock looks to be back at GameStop, so head over there now if that’s where you prefer to shop for gaming hardware.

Walmart – $199.99
Walmart’s page is currently showing a ‘discount’ down to the buds’ normal price – probably due to an inflated resale price being present before. Nonetheless, Walamrt is now a solid option to pick up the buds from.View Deal

PlayStation Direct – $199.99
Going straight to the source is now back on the menu with PlayStation Direct offering steady and available stock.View Deal

Where to buy PlayStation Pulse Explore – UK

Amazon – £199.99
The go-to online retailer now has steady stock of the earbuds and is an easy place to point you in if you’re wanting to order the buds,.View Deal

Very – £199.99
The Pulse Explore earbuds are now back in stock again Very.View Deal

Argos – £199.99
Offering delivery as well as pickup options, Argos having available stock of the buds is a welcome addition tot he UK scene.View Deal

Currys – £199
Not only are the earbuds back in stock at Currys, but they are also going for the cheapest price! Yes, it’s only 99p cheaper than everywhere else, but, still, we’ll take it.View Deal

EE – £199.99
Not necessarily a storefront that immediately comes to mind for gaming gear, but phone service provider EE has come to the party with Explore earbuds stock!View Deal

Game – £199.99
If you’ve got reward points to use and want to buy the earbuds from Game then now’s the time to strike with the buds back in stock at the retailer.View Deal

Amazon – £199.99
The go-to online retailer now has steady stock of the earbuds and is an easy place to point you in if you want to order the buds.View Deal

PlayStation Pulse Explore alternatives

If you really want to get some top-quality gaming earbuds and have no desire to wait for PlayStation Pulse Explore restocks, or can stretch your brief to be a bit more all-encompassing, then the below options could prove excellent alternatives for you. (Note: none of the wireless earbuds below will work with the PlayStation Portal, only the Pulse Explore earbuds can offer that combination.)

Where to buy PlayStation Pulse Explore – FAQs

How much are the Pulse Explore earbuds?

The PlayStation Pulse Explore earbuds cost $199.99 / £199.99.

Do the Pulse Explore earbuds work with Bluetooth?

Yes! The Pulse Explore earbuds will support Bluetooth – however, not for its main gaming audio functionality. Game audio from the PS5, PlayStation Portal, or PC (using the dongle) will be provided by PlayStation Link, but you can use Bluetooth to listen to music or take phone calls simultaneously.

What is the battery life of the PlayStation Pulse Explore earbuds?

Sony states that the Explore earbuds can last around five hours when fully charged, abut also offer 10 further hours via the charging case.

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