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Casamigos Presents Sports Illustrated “The Party””

Photo by Craig Barritt/Getty Images for Casamigos

The venerable New York Times does its fair share of trolling these days, and because the paper of record is The Paper of Record, it is quite amusing to see people up in arms about its latest diversion. (Looking specifically at you, Styles and Opinion. Well done.) A friend posted the latest in a Slack I frequent: a video titled “Don’t Just Live Your Life, Optimize It.” It was a funny, beautifully animated argument against the productivity fetish disguised as a piece of productivity messaging. It was an attack or, at least, a shot across the bow.

The video, created by Tala Schlossberg, describes steps to get rid of the downtime left in your life — “minimize friction, maximize hustle”; “iterate”; “accelerate”; and “eventually you die” —…

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