Nvidia’s new GTX 1660 Ti and 1650 could power your next budget gaming laptop

Gaming laptops have never been so thin and yet so powerful as they are with Nvidia’s RTX graphics chips, and we believe the RTX 2060 is the sweet spot for price and performance. But if laptops with those chips are too pricey for your pocketbook, you’ll want to check out the new GeForce GTX 1660 Ti and 1650 mobile GPUs, which were just announced today.

Featured in laptops starting at $1,000, Nvidia says the standard GeForce GTX 1660 Ti can deliver 100 frames per second in today’s popular battle royale games, including Fortnite, Apex Legends, and PUBG, and over 60 fps with an $800-plus laptop sporting the new GTX 1650, each at 1080p resolution and high settings.

But as is typical with many of Nvidia’s recent chips, there is one catch: each…

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