Newly Launched Charity-Based Crypto “CovidDog” Makes First Donation to A UK-Based Dog Charity

Newly Launched Charity-Based Crypto "CovidDog" Makes First Donation to A UK-Based Dog Charity

The crypto space is growing to become more expedient to not just the financial world, but to mankind as well.

Cryptocurrencies in their different forms are designed for various purposes, thus stretching its benefactions to all spheres of the world.

A newly launched charity-based cryptocurrency dubbed “CovidDog” or “cDog” basically designed for automated charity functions has just made its first donation to Dogs On The Street, an award-winning dog charity in the UK.

On the other hand, “Dogs On The Street” is a nonprofit organization that has been dedicated to the welfare of dogs belonging to the homeless communities in the UK.

CovidDog: Infant Crypto Coming Out Big

The cDog token can correctly be addressed as infant crypto as the coin has just been birthed a few days ago.

Meanwhile, in its early days, it seems to be fulfilling its purpose already. The cryptocurrency being initiated to focus on charity-related features has donated over $6000 to the dog charity, just 5 days after it was invented.

The crypto’s big move at its early stage is likely to gain more recognition among other cryptocurrencies. At the time of writing, the cryptocurrency already has a market cap of $217,000. 

Moreso, cDog can boast of 1,500 users in just 5 days. Its status on social media platforms is not lagging behind either, it has over 1,800 followers and 1,500 community members on Twitter and Telegram respectively.

This is indeed very impressive for a starter coin, thus a big fate is predicted for the cryptocurrency in the coming years.

Furthermore, aside from the charitable features that cDog is designed to exhibit, it is also focused on Auto generating properties that allow its users to generate a passive income.

The cryptocurrency levies every transaction using cDog by 2%. This is thereby divided equally, where a half portion is rewarded back to the holders of the coin.

Then for its main purpose, the other portion of the tax is saved into their charity wallets. It is these funds that are then used to make donations to worthy causes around the World.

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