Minecraft is still the biggest game on YouTube by tens of billions of views



Fortnite may have dominated gaming conversations in 2019, but there’s one game that remained king on YouTube: Minecraft.

YouTube unveiled viewership stats for some of its biggest games in 2019 in its new Rewind video, ranging from Roblox to Minecraft. Roblox videos brought in 29.6 billion views, Grand Theft Auto saw nearly 40 billion views, and Fortnite hit 60.9 billion views. Above all of those, however, sat Minecraft, which brought in a whopping 100.2 billion views. That’s nearly double what Fortnite did, and it continues Minecraft’s domination on YouTube.

Minecraft has always maintained an enormous presence on YouTube. After all, the game found its footing in tutorial videos helping players build elaborate structures and…

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