Microsoft to kill off Wunderlist in favor of To Do in May 2020

Microsoft is planning to kill off its Wunderlist app on May 6th, 2020. The software giant originally acquired Wunderlist more than four years ago, and has spent the past two years building out its To Do app as a replacement. “We’ve been working tirelessly to ensure our new app, Microsoft To Do, feels like a new home for your lists,” explains Microsoft’s Wunderlist team in a blog post. “We’ve stopped releasing new features and big updates to Wunderlist, so as the app ages it’s become more difficult to maintain. As technology continues to advance, we can’t guarantee that Wunderlist will continue to work as it should, or as we’d like it to.”

Microsoft is now closing off its Wunderlist services in May 2020, and it’s recommending current…

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