Lynk & Co’s compact SUV costs €500 a month but might earn you a profit

Image: Lynk & Co

Car company Lynk & Co has finally revealed the details of its hybrid ownership model, which lets people subscribe to its Lynk & Co 01 compact SUV for €500 per month, with the option of renting the vehicle to other Lynk & Co members to begin earning that fee back.

At a launch event today, the company said customers could even make a profit on their €500 a month subscription if they’re able to rent out their vehicle with enough frequency. The first Lynk & Co memberships will be offered in Amsterdam from the end of October with the opening of its debut Lynk & Co club location. The company envisions opening up “clubs,” not dealerships, in major European cities where members can hang out with local artists, DJs, and chefs, for example, or be…

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