KIWIE 1001 To Launch Its First Batch Of Exclusive NFTs Depicting Real-Life Street Art On Rarible

KIWIE 1001 To Launch Its First Batch Of Exclusive NFTs Depicting Real-Life Street Art On Rarible

Acclaimed street artist KIWIE will unveil a new batch of blockchain-enabled art installations in 1001 locations worldwide with a transformative new approach to validating and linking physical works with the expanding digital universe.

KIWIE’s Limited NFTs Up For Grabs On Rarible

As the NFT frenzy crisscrosses the globe, more and more artists are being attracted to this transformative new movement. In its latest iteration, one artist uses blockchain technology to display real street artwork and validate its authenticity. Popular Latvian street artist KIWIE is all set to provide collectors with an opportunity to maintain a digital collection where each item can be traced to its original issuer.

Since unveiling his signature ‘Fat Monster’ in 2005, KIWIE has gained worldwide recognition for cute designs that feature unique artistic meanings. Following this legacy, the artist will soon unveil a new series of blockchain-enabled art installations globally. The first batch of 6 exclusive NFTs will be launched via Rarible on April 13. Following this launch, KIWIE plans to release four more batches in the coming months, all of which will be new NFT-specific artworks.

Fusing Physical Works With The Digital Realm

Each KIWIE NFT includes a custom-made virtual 3D figure depicting a real spray-painted piece from around the world. A geotag is included to connect the NFT to its respective physical artwork. The NFT holder effectively owns the artwork and is entitled to resell it. Besides the 3D figurine, participants will also receive a metal card representing the Fat Monster they bought.

Mashya Vyazemskaya, Head of Communications at Rarible said, realizes that fusing street art with blockchain is a definite game-changer. She explains, “The NFT community has been figuring out meaningful ways to bridge physical and digital art. Kiwie 1001 is a smart, purposeful and fun project by a fantastic street artist that does exactly that. We’re happy that the team chose Rarible for the launch!” 

A Giant Leap For Street Art As Blockchain Adoption Is On The Rise

Lead Business Strategist for KIWIE and a blockchain gaming industry veteran, Kristaps Vaivods, the mind behind its revolutionary NFT drops, is pretty certain that the NFTs are going to be a hit. He notes, “The Fat Monster is a unique and iconic creation, and it’s different from what many other street artists do. I just love the global community that formed around the cute monsters, and I hope that the ability to really own a piece of street art will be even more inspirational.”

NFTs are revolutionary for the street art ecosystem because of their non-invasive nature. Previously, selling a graffiti artist’s work required detaching the wall where it was drawn, even if the environment around the artwork was part of its meaning. This is the case with KIWIE’s work, where physical location is a significant part of the Fat Monster’s appeal. 

KIWIE, the original creator of Fat Monster, highlights, “Using NFTs to represent ownership allows us to maintain the beauty of the art intact. Blockchain is not just a buzzword here, it legitimately enables something that used to be impossible.”

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