iRobot’s latest Roomba remembers your home’s layout and empties itself

iRobot hasn’t changed the basic formula of its Roomba robot vacuums since the product line was first launched in 2002, but each new generation brings small improvements that make using the bots a little bit easier. The newest Roomba i7+, unveiled today, has two key changes: the robot now remembers your home’s floor plan, and it empties itself.

The auto-emptying feature is probably the most useful. The i7+ doesn’t actually fling dirt into your garbage after each clean; instead, it uses a hopper attached to its charging station as an intermediary. Each time it returns to the base, dirt in the robot is sucked up into the hopper, which stores up to 30 bins.

Other robot vacuum makers have offered this option for years, but it’s good to see…

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