Inside the charming world of Katy Strutz’s puppets and portraitures

A self-portrait by Katy Strutz.

Looking through artist Katy Strutz’s puppets evokes a series of reactions — mostly wonder and amazement, with a little bit of bewilderment thrown in. As I scroll through the intricate, painstakingly crafted sculptures, all I can think is, “How?” It’s dizzying to think about the countless hours that went into crafting each puppet, and how details like the tiny stitches in the clothing all come together to create a character that can go on to take life in a stop-motion animation.

Strutz currently works as a sculptor and fabricator for animation studios like Shadowmachine and Laika, with credits on films like Kubo and the Two Strings and Missing Link. Equipped with some clay, glue, fabric, and paint, Strutz can make magic in ways that go…

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