How to choose a photo storage service

Google Photos on the Google Pixel

Photo by Vlad Savov / The Verge

Back in 2019, photo storage service Flickr changed its previous policy of offering 1TB of free storage to its users, limiting free storage to 1,000 photos instead. There was, as you could imagine, a great outcry from Flickr members. As a result, we published a roundup of photo services that our readers might want to check out instead.

Well, times change, and now Google — which up until now has offered unlimited storage for “high quality” (read: compressed) photos — has announced that “unlimited” is being changed to “up to 15GB on your Google account.” In other words, while photo and video storage currently does not count against your total 15 free gigs on a Google account, soon, it will — along with your Gmail, Google Drive files, and…

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