How I got a 64gb microSD card to work in my HTC Evo 3d

I wanted to upgrade the memory on my HTC Evo 3d from 32gb to 64gb, but many forums said it was not possible. Until I found one that said someone had done it. Except, they didn’t say how!

Settings out with the knowledge that it was possible, I tracked down the best, yet inexpensive 64gb microSD card I could find.

The card formatted as exFAT, which wasn’t compatible with my phone, so read around, and found I needed to reformat it to FAT32 to make it work. But tracking down a converter was unsuccessful, so, I had a thought. Format to NTFS in windows 7, then format to exFAT. Nope didn’t work. Then I thought, maybe my phone is smart enough to read it and choose to format it. Bingo! That did it!

I loaded the NTFS formated microSD card in my phone, it gave an error, and I went to storage options, and chose to let the phone erase and reformat it.

Then all I had to was transfer everything from my old card to the new, and boom! Now I have 64gb of space in my phone.

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