Hori’s Split Pad Pro for the Nintendo Switch gives you a real controller on the go

As much as I love the portable aspect of the Nintendo Switch, I cannot pretend that it fits my hands, which are roughly the size of the Mano del Desierto and cramp up after any significant length of time with Celeste. I imagine the upcoming Switch Lite will only make matters worse. So when I saw that Hori, maker of the D-pad Joy-Con replacement, was working on a pair of large, officially licensed pro-style controllers designed for use in the Switch’s handheld mode, I knew I had to check it out.

The $49.99 Split Pad Pro is exactly what it sounds like. Take a Nintendo Switch Pro Controller, split it in two, and add Joy-Con rails to each side, and you’re pretty much there. It turns the Switch into a bizarrely long handheld that is in no way…

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