Half-Life: Alyx now has over three hours of developer commentary

Half Life Alyx

Pick up these headsets in-game to listen to commentary

It’s worth replaying through Half-Life: Alyx from start to finish once more — if only because Valve’s development team just added over three hours of audio commentary to the VR-only game that launched earlier this year. In the commentary mode, you’ll encounter clips at 147 points of interest in the game, covering several corners of development, including design, art, animation, rendering, sound, and more. Valve endearingly shared that the development team in Seattle recorded the commentary “in closets and blanket forts.”

Given that these are tell-all tales about the game’s development, you’re going to run into major spoilers. So complete the game once before listening unless you don’t mind spoiling the first Half-Life game to come out in…

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