Hades is a roguelike with hot gods to kiss and kill

When it comes to Hades’ handsome, half-clothed prince Zagreus, it’s sometimes hard to tell his enemies from his exes. Supergiant’s gods are as cheeky as they are beautiful; everyone seems to have a history with Zagreus, whether it’s long-lost relatives or someone he’s scorned in his bid for freedom. It’s a rich web, woven by the creators of games like Bastion and Transistor, that makes roguelike Hades worth trudging through hell again and again for.

Supergiant’s latest follows Zagreus, prince of the underworld, dead set on getting out. Armed with the power of the Olympian gods, Zagreus must fight his way through hordes of gods and monsters. But defeat is only a temporary setback, one that sends players straight back to the house of…

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