Gennix Founder Dean Marjanovic Unveils Project Growth Plan For 2022

Gennix Founder Dean Marjanovic Unveils Project Growth Plan For 2022

The Chief Executive Officer and founder of Gennix, Dean Marjanovic has disclosed the growth plan prepared for the Gennix project, a micro-lending platform built on the Binance Smart Chain in anticipation of 2022.

The inception of the project began during the third quarter of 2021. It has gained a large user base over the few months following its key objective of limiting the global financial inequalities by enabling access to elements of decentralized finance (DeFi).  

The platform also deployed new lending infrastructures for traditional borrowers who are new to the crypto space. The system allows them to borrow and lend assets directly from and to the protocol.

Gennix to Expand Accommodation For Enterprise Businesses in The Future

The team behind the platform is making efforts to increase the efficiency of the platform. In a bid to improve its system of providing easy access to capital thereby curtailing financial shortfalls in businesses, the project has unveiled plans to upscale its micro-lending project to accommodate enterprise businesses in the future.

The CEO and founder of Gennix, Dean Marjanovic attested to this in the announcement saying “As the CEO and founder of Gennix, I am committed to overseeing the development and smooth operation of the Gennix protocol. Gennix offers a platform to make capital easily accessible for the global crypto industry. The team members of Gennix understand the benefit of blockchain and the advantages it brings to investors and economies and wish to add value to the DeFi ecosystem.”

Dean Marjanovic further noted that the proposed development is birthed from concerns towards the poor availability of financial support that is impacting the economy in no positive way.

“DeFi loans are a crucial financing solution for cash-strapped small business owners. We have seen a tremendous increase of interest for financial support from small business owners and enterprise businesses recovering from the post-pandemic economic crisis for loans on the DeFi platform. The unequal access to capital stifles innovation, which impedes economic growth. Gennix is here to provide a solution,” Dean Marjanovic added.

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