Exclusive: Samsung Portable T9 SSD appears online ahead of impending release

Samsung is gearing up to launch a successor to its highly popular portable SSD, the Samsung T7 SSD, more than three years after its launch.

This device is one of the best SSDs, let alone one of the best portable SSDs, we’ve ever reviewed. However, despite several new entrants into the T7 family, including the T7 Touch and the T7 Shield, in recent years, it’s clear Samsung feels it’s time for a hardware refresh.

It’s just as well, ahead of the annual Black Friday sales in November, TechRadar Pro has spotted a number of online retailers listing a 2TB version of the Samsung T9 SSD. This hasn’t officially launched, but may well be on the way imminently.

Everything we know about the Samsung T9 SSD

Samsung has published a bare-bones list of the T9 SSD with the product number MU-PG2T0B, which retailers including PC12.fr and Grosbill Pro are using.

We also spotted a version listed with the Australian retailer Microboss, but this has been taken down at the time of writing.

We haven’t seen any technical information yet, but it does seem the SSD will be available in a 2TB size. Microboss, however, went further to say it boats read and write speeds of up to 2GB/s making it twice as fast as its predecessor and one of the fastest portable SSDs out there if true.

The Samsung T7 SSD launched in 500GB, 1TB, and 2TB models, suggesting we may see the same with the T9 at launch. Then, in the future, Samsung may expand its size to 4TB, or even beyond, as it did with the T7 Shield.

There’s also every chance it could be cheaper at launch than the T7, with PC12.fr retailing the T9 SSD for €236.52 including VAT (roughly $250) and Gosbill Pro retailing the device for just €199 (roughly $215) – though it’s unclear if this is inclusive of taxes.

The 2TB version of the T7, by contrast, was first available for $370. This was sold alongside the 1TB version at $200 and the base 500GB edition at $110.

A successor to the popular T7 would be welcome, considering this device wasn’t even fitted with Thunderbolt 3 at launch. With Thunderbolt 4 now found in some of the fastest SSDs, it’s possible Samsung may include the standard in its forthcoming T9, although at this stage it’s pure speculation.

We don’t know when Samsung will release the T9 SSD either but, if we were to hazard a guess, it’ll certainly be out in advance of Black Friday, which falls on 24 November this year.

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