Elon Musk says Tesla will allow aggressive Autopilot mode with ‘slight chance of a fender bender’

Elon Musk said at an event on Monday that Tesla will someday allow drivers to select aggressive modes of its Autopilot driver assistance system that have a “slight chance of a fender bender.” Musk didn’t say when Tesla might roll out that option, only that the company would have to have “higher confidence” in Autopilot’s capabilities before allowing it to happen.

“Do you want to have a nonzero chance of a fender bender on freeway traffic?” Musk asked at the event, which was for investors in the company. He dubbed it “LA traffic mode,” because “unfortunately, [it’s] the only way to navigate LA traffic.”

Tesla already allows its owners to select a “Mad Max” setting for Navigate on Autopilot, which is a feature that handles highway…

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