Detective Pikachu will roll out to theaters with an exclusive Pokémon trading card

Detective Pikachu is going to continue an adored Pokémon movie tradition by giving audiences a special edition Detective Pikachu trading card pack.

Pokémon diehards who want to get their hands on Detective Pikachu trading cards will have to go opening weekend, according to Warner Bros. The pack comes with two cards. One is a randomly selected pokémon from the current generation of trading cards in stores now, but changed slightly to incorporate their CGI-likeness. The second is guaranteed to be a limited-edition Detective Pikachu card.

It’s a pretty big deal. Especially for those who ventured out to theaters in the early aughts to get their hands on a special Pokémon card, like Ancient Mew. It’s a nostalgia trip that will hit many of…

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