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Vertical Bars – ddj 3

By Derek McKinney

I hate vertical bars. via Pocket http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VpqF1OUZads

If you happen to send an email to one of the 400 million people who use Google’s Gmail service, you shouldn’t have any expectation of privacy, according to a court briefing obtained by the Consumer Watchdog website. In a motion filed last month by Google to have a class action complaint dismissed, Google’s lawyers reference […]

Starbucks is doing it right

By Derek McKinney

Got me a grande frappalattechino from @Starbucks for #opencarryappreciationday!

Privacy Conservation

By Derek McKinney

How do we preserve our privacy in this world wide web world we live in today? It’s not easy. It’s actually never been easy, even though people are acting like it’s something we’ve recently been robbed of. Consider anything you type that’s heading over any kind of network no longer just between you and the […]

Happy 4th!

By Derek McKinney

Happy 4th of July America! We are free and happy to be!

Fun fact of the day: DMV sucks

By Derek McKinney

DMV: get up early, wait in line, get let in, wait in line, get number, wait in line. Can we say inefficient, unproductive!

AnDevCon 2013 Boston

By Derek McKinney

#andevcon I love hope. It’s fuel. #fingerscrossed causes carpal tunnel too :-p

Every single time!

By Derek McKinney

#whatihate when I go to @google something, then forget what it was after seeing the #googledoodle!

Yesterday, I finished taking apart, fixing, and putting back together my washing machine (Kenmore 80 series). What a task! Of course, my father was invaluable with his endless knowledge, and I wouldn’t have been able to accomplish it without him, Thanks Dad! First thing I had to do – figure out what the heck was […]

I love my new @pebble watch! And I thought it would be useful to let people know how to put the pebble in sleepmode at night in case they don’t want it vibrating at 2am 🙂 Simply follow these steps: 1) Go to Menu 2) Go to Settings 3) Go to Bluetooth 4) Select top […]