StoryPassers – iPhone

Do you have the skills to write your part of the story in 1000 characters or less?

The StoryPassers App is the App where you can write with the community that has been formed through, sharing your part of the story. Search through the stories, and find the one that’s for you. Then write your section, in the specified amount of characters or less, and it’s ready for the next writer to contribute to.

What you can do…

Create Stories
Manage Your Existing Stories
Read Other Passers Stories
Add to Other Passers Stories
Manage Your Friends
Manage Your Messages
Manage Your Profile
Enjoy Writing and Reading!

You can also manage all your account options on


Tiny Bugs – iPhone & iPad App

Can you catch all the Tiny Bugs? How fast can you catch them? Your eyes will be spinning by the end!

The objective of Tiny Bugs is to catch all the bugs as fast as possible. Simply tap on the bug to catch it, and it will move to the glass jar. Catch all the bugs to stop the timer. There are 3 levels of difficulty, which effect the size and speed of the bugs, as well as the amount of points you can earn upon completing a level.

Tiny Bugs is integrated with OpenFeint, so it makes score tracking seamless. Challenge your friends to beat your score. Can you unlock all the achievements?


Berty Butterfly Helps Her Friends – iPhone & iPad App

Can you help Berty the Butterfly help her Friends?

She needs to help her friends find their things that they are missing.


Your kids will love this game because it will keep them entertained while also educating them.

There are 30 different levels each with their own educational challenges.

Your child will be tasked with searching behind all the objects on the screen until they find the lost item.

There are 3 sections: finding objects, finding numbers, and finding the first (or last) letter in each of the characters names.

This game will keep your child entertained, and educate them in the process.

Hint: tap the question mark for a hint where to look!

Have fun and good luck!

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