Capcom is launching a plug-and-play mini-arcade with Mega Man, Street Fighter, and more

Nintendo has turned the mini-console into a trend, with the likes of Sony and Sega following suit. Now, game publisher Capcom is getting in on the action as well. Today, the company announced the Capcom Home Arcade, a plug-and-play system designed to play classic arcade games on your TV. It includes 16 built-in games and a fairly authentic-looking arcade control setup. Curiously, the whole device is in the shape of the Capcom logo.

The device connects to your TV via HDMI and is powered by a simple USB setup. Unlike other mini-consoles, it can connect to Wi-Fi: Capcom says the feature will be used primarily for global online leaderboards. Also important is the dual control setup, which should offer an arcade-style, side-by-side…

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