Caizcoin Debuts New Website And Whitepaper To Bring Ethical Revolution In Crypto Space

Caizcoin Debuts New Website And Whitepaper To Bring Ethical Revolution In Crypto Space

Caizcoin, the first Islamic compliance cryptocurrency, is proud to announce the launch of its long-awaited website.

Caizcoin’s website is now up and running, comes with unique features and updates, including the platform’s whitepaper and litepaper. Caizcoin offers its users financial freedom to engage in various markets and products using its ecosystem by offering financing without interest. 

In addition, the website has a user-friendly interface making it easy for any user to navigate through the platform.

Caizcoin, which means licit and lawful, is tasked with the mission of providing “innovative financial solutions allowing everyone to participate in the present financial world while complying with the Islamic principles.”

Created in 2018, Caizcoin seeks to provide innovative financial solutions to the Islamic population while providing the same services to other people struggling with current financial services. Caiz Holding AG created the platform in partnership with a group of developers sharing the same vision. 

To meet users’ needs globally, Caizcoin aims to provide users with faster and more reliable financial services at a lower fee. The platform incorporates new technologies, blockchain to create innovations that comply with Islamic Financial rules. Notably, the platform already has various certificates, including Zertifikate ISO9001and FATWA certification, assuring users and investors alike.

Some of the notable features n the platform include Caizcoin’s hyper-secure wallets that provide maximum security of data and assets. The platform also has an API that allows easy and efficient integration of the third-party application. Additionally, to help further its course, Caizcoin has formed partnerships with banks and other financial institutions. These partnerships reportedly allow users to manage and use their assets under Islamic financial standards. These partnerships will also allow users to buy or sell their assets using various channels, including crypt wallets, debit or credit cards, and PayPal. 

For its ecosystem, Caizcoin has designed its native coin called Caizcoin. The Caizcoin tokens are ERC20 tokens with a total supply of about  1 billion. These tokens, much like the general platform, are built on the Islamic compliance blockchain. The Caizcoin tokens will be used to make payments for various products and services. 

Caizcoin is also helping its community support social welfare by connecting its investors and users to various charitable organizations. This is why the company has partnered with NGOs that allow using the cryptocurrency for Waqf, Zakat, and other donations.

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