Beeple on creating a zombie Mark Zuckerberg and flesh-eating Baby Yoda to examine the times

Mike Winkelmann works in a room with side-by-side 65-inch TVs constantly tuned to CNN and Fox News and on computers that are suspended above a bathtub because their 12 combined graphics cards generate too much heat. It’s an odd setup, but perhaps it speaks to the increasingly bizarre and post-apocalyptic artwork that Winkelmann has been putting out recently. “This year, in particular,” Winkelmann says, “I’ve decided I’m just going to do whatever I want.”

Winkelmann, a digital artist known widely as “Beeple,” has amassed a million-plus followers with a 12-year-running commitment to producing and publishing a piece of art every single day. That’s in addition to a steady output of short films, VR and AR work, and Creative Commons VJ loops,…

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