Are these the first smartwatches built around Google’s new $40 million tech?

Fossil Collider FTW7008, FTW7010, FTW7009 (from left to right).

Remember how Google paid the Fossil Group $40 million for its secret smartwatch tech and R&D personnel? At the time Fossil and Google told Wareable that Google had acquired “new product innovation that’s not yet hit the market,” that would sit within the Wear OS family. Well, this may be our first look at that product. Pictured above are three hybrid wearables that go by the name “Fossil Collider DIANA Smartwatch,” currently available for preorder from a variety of retail sites for around €200 / $220.

The most important word in that name is “Diana.” According to a new report from Wareable, Diana (a blend of “Digital” and “Analogue”) is Fossil’s internal name for the hybrid smartwatch technology that Google licensed. It was originally…

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