Apple wants to help your developers learn more

Apple has introduced a new scheme designed to help encourage more people to learn to code.

Meet with Apple Experts allows developers to book sessions, workshops, labs, and one-on-one consultations in order to consult, chat, and network with like-minded individuals, including Apple representatives.

The new initiative looks to cater to mobile device developers only, with plans to offer sessions around the latest versions of iOS, iPadOS, and watchOS.

Apple developer community

The sessions will also cover App Store-related topics, such as customizing product pages, improving app discovery, using in-app events, and getting to know App Analytics.

From launch, more than 50 sessions, workshops, and consultations are available across multiple time zones and in different languages.

If these sessions don’t cover what you need – which unfortunately looks to be the case for macOS developers – then a range of other Apple developer resources are also available, including Ask Apple, Meet with App Store Experts, and the Tech Talks informational series.

Ask Apple was launched late last year with the goal of enabling developers to take part in interactive Q&As and one-on-ones about new hardware and software features that some developers may not be familiar with.

In the case of Meet with Apple Experts, the iPhone maker sees the program as one that can provide “interactive experiences on new features and technologies, hands-on opportunities to test and optimize apps, [and] one-on-one consultations to connect with Apple evangelists, engineers, and designers.”

Registered Apple developers and current members of the Apple Developer Program and Apple Developer Enterprise Program can book upcoming sessions right now.

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