Analogue’s new DAC lets you play its modern-retro consoles on old-school TVs again

Analogue’s console clones are fascinating pieces of tech. They’re modern spins on classic retro consoles that let you play your favorite original SNES or Sega Genesis games on a modern HDMI television. But what about players who want to experience those games the way they were originally meant to be played, be that on a classic CRT television or PVM display? Well, for those players, Analogue is introducing a new DAC (digital-to-analog converter), simply called the Analogue DAC, which promises the highest level of analog audio and video in a simple plug-and-play setup.

Setting up the DAC is simple: just plug the HDMI output for your Analogue console into the DAC and then hook up your analog input of choice. The DAC offers an HD-15…

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