Amazon Q is the AWS AI-powered chatbot looking to solve all your workplace problems

Amazon Web Services (AWS) has become the latest technology giant to unveil a workplace assistant powered by generative AI.

Revealed by CEO Adam Selipsky at its AWS re:Invent 2023 event in Las Vegas, Amazon Q is designed specifically for business use, allowing employees to ask complex questions about their specific work tasks and get detailed responses.

The company believes Amazon Q can help workers at every level, in roles from developers to marketing to call center staff, save huge amounts of time and stress  by providing exactly the assistance needed.

Amazon Q

Speaking at his AWS re:Invent keynote, Selipsky noted that Amazon Q will also be “your business expert,” learning about your business as you connect to it. The platform connects to over 40 popular tools such as Salesforce, Gmail, Slack, Atlassian and Microsoft 365, taking in and indexing all this connected data and content, as well as identifying business-specific aspects such as its organizational structure and even product names.

Amazon Q

(Image credit: AWS)

Trained on 17 years of AWS knowledge, Amazon Q can be specifically tailored and customized to the precise tasks you encounter at work, with conversational prompts and questions resulting in detailed answers provided in nearly real-time.

Selipsky noted that developers and IT workers in particular are being tasked with keeping pace with the rapidly changing and evolving technology industry, with generative AI moving faster than ever before. This innovation may be great for some, but ordinary workers are often catching the brunt of the demand for new features and upgrades, meaning they find it hard to balance new demands with existing workloads.

“I really believe this is going to be transformative,” Selipsky said of Amazon Q, “This is just the start of how we’re going to revolutionize the future of work.”

The Q Architect service can also help you research, troubleshoot and analyze issues across your business, saving time and stress, and provide suggestions on optimizing AWS infrastructure queries, such as EC2 instances.

Amazon Q is also going to be in the IDE for developers, working alongside CodeWhisperer for further code suggestions, helping reduce “hours of work…it’ll do all the heavy lifting for you,” Selipsky says.

Amazon Q will be available today in preview for existing AWS customers, with a wider release coming sometime in the future.

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