Amazon is opening brand-new Razr boxes to fold the phones for safer shipping

You can use the better outer camera for selfies

Photo by Dieter Bohn / The Verge

Motorola’s 5G-equipped Razr is being sold unlocked, which means you can buy it straight from Amazon. (It’s even on sale for $400 off the usual $1,399.99 price.) But if you do order the foldable flip phone from Amazon, you’ll be greeted by an unusual sight when you open the box: someone else will have already unboxed your new phone and folded it for you.

(That deal is also available from Best Buy and B&H, which will presumably not get their grubby mitts all over your new phone before shipping.)

As Amazon’s product listing explains:

RAZR was meant to be shipped in the unfolded position. However, in order to better protect the display we have folded your RAZR – it’s safer, but may not look as elegant as we hoped. We apologize if you see…

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